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The Essential Keys In Your Winter Closet

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Do you want to know some of the most important items of the season?

Each season is marked by the basics that we should not miss. It is important to make a reminder of these from time to time … It could be useful to you.

Cashmere sweater

We are clear that natural fibers are the best! they isolate us from these harsh days without the need for it to be very thick. a shirt will suffice. We recommend neutral colors.

XXL scarf

The bigger the better! It is the best way to complement your winter outfit and, also, be super warm. How to use? As you like … Several laps or maybe just side to side.


The high-necked shirt came back to meet us. Without specifying more … Don’t miss it, with a blazer, sweater or shirt over it, it looks wonderful!

Ankle Boots

Although there are a thousand different models, these are indisputably basic … ankle boots with a medium heel ideally square for comfort.

A trench

Ideally beige … nothing more to say. Classic thin coat (can be waterproof, English type)

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