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Diy Gold Plate For Your Accessories

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Yes, you can make this beautiful jewelry and accessories plate yourself! Sounds incredible, or, and best of all, it is really easy to do!

Keep scrolling down to see the materials and steps required to create this organizer plate!DIY-Mirrored-gold-hexagon-jewelry-tray


– A small, smooth and white plate (if you find a hexagonal one, the better!)

– Gold colored adhesive paper

– A pencil

– Pair of scissorsTray-and-Gold-Adhesive-Mylar

Step 1:

Flip the sticky paper over and trace half of your plate onto it.trace

Step 2:

Put the paper on top of the plate (without sticking it) and check the size. If it’s too big, cut off the excess.cut

Step 3:

Clean the surface and paste the sticker paper. For this we recommend doing it from one side to the other, taking care of air bubbles.Mirrored-gold-hexagon-tray-DIY

You already have your cute jewelery plate!Mirrored-gold-hexagon-tray-DIY DIY-Mirrored-gold-hexagon-tray

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