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8 Simple Rules Stylish Women Always Follow

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Sometimes dressing can be a very difficult task, especially when there is so much information about styles and trends at our disposal. Today we want to help you relieve that stress, with the best advice from our stylish girls, who know better than anyone how to dress well.

Follow them and you will surely look spectacular …

Dressing is a form of communication

The way we dress says a lot about our mood, so the next time you choose your clothes, analyze what you want to convey.

Outfits are a response to social situations

Clothes help us to differentiate certain social situations. For example, if I have a marriage I dress more elegant than usual.

Fit is the most important

You can have the best brand clothes in your closet, but if they don’t fit you, all that effort and money will be lost. Before buying something, it is convenient that you carry out a preliminary study of your body, learning what are the cuts and colors that suit you best.

A good pair of jeans

A good pair of jeans is definitely worth investing in. Try to make these as classic as possible, as they will surely last for years of years.

Dressing should be a combination of fashion and personal style

It is not advisable that you completely forget the environment where you are. Try to dress accordingly, without ever neglecting your personal style, as this will be responsible for providing that original and stylish touch to your look.

Know when it’s wise to play with trends

We love to play with trends, however, it is important that you know that there are places to do it. For example: As fashionable as they are, you cannot wear Birkenstocks to a wedding.

There are certain accessories that can completely change your look

Simple things like a belt or a necklace can have a huge impact on your style. Of course, you must be careful about abusing them, since you could see yourself very overloaded.

It is important to have a unique stamp

At the end of it all, what matters most is your personal style, because when you feel good you look good.

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