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    Farmer finds a copy of the ‘Rat King’ alive

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    1632144385 rey rata.png

    An encounter out of the nightmares of many recently occurred in the Stavropol region of Russia. As we can see through the publications of a farmer in the area, the man had the opportunity to meet a live copy of the so-called ‘Rat King’.

    In general, it is not the first time that the world has encountered a similar phenomenon. However, the current one has not only been particular for being alive, but also for the happy ending that his discovery had.

    The reign of the ‘Rat King’

    Just by name, we might think we are talking about the antagonist of the Nutcracker or something similar. However, the truth is that it is simply a term used to define a very particular phenomenon that occurs with rats and their tails.

    On certain occasions, the tails of rodents can become tangled and knotted enough to create a central “knot” from which the bodies of creatures that had the misfortune of being trapped in a mass of their own are detached. bodies.

    As a consequence, we can observe how a rodent wheel is formed which is known as ‘Rat King’ or ‘King of rats’. Unfortunately, in nature, such a particular formation ends with the death of its members. All because they cannot free themselves and, therefore, cannot move around to find food or shelter.

    Rat King dead.
    Ten-piece ‘Rat King’. Via Wikimedia Commons.

    A close encounter with the ‘King of rats’

    For the current case, we can see how the ‘Rat King’ made up of six small rodents was trapped in a well due to the floods that had recently occurred on the farmer’s land.

    Thanks to a video he posted on Instagram, called “The Rat King is alive. Part 1″, we could see in three minutes all the way that man had to do to get the rats out of the water and place them on dry land.

    In those 3 minutes, Alibulat Rasulov, not only allows us to see the particular phenomenon up close, but we can also appreciate how the rodents try to escape in all directions, but without success due to the large knot that joins them.

    And what happened to the live copy of the ‘Rat King’?

    Once the farmer came across the ‘Rat King’ still alive on his land, he decided make a second video. As we can see, it is much shorter than the previous one, with only about 30 seconds long.

    In that short time, the Russian farmer took the little rats little by little and repositioned them to free their tails. In no time, each of them was free of their predicament and began to move towards their freedom.

    Other specimens, such as the one currently in the Strasbourg Zoological Museum in France, were less fortunate. The so-called ‘Rat King’ of ten members is there, stuffed for preservation for future generations.