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Far Cry 6: Game of the Year Edition and Upgrade Pass Leak Before Official Announcement

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Apparently, a Game of the Year edition for Far Cry 6 will be released soon, as well as an Upgrade Pass for this supposed new version.

The information comes through Italian leaker Aggiornamenti Lumia, who has already revealed accurate information about Microsoft and Xbox announcements.

Apparently, Ubisoft plans to release the Game of the Year edition for Far Cry 6. According to a leaked image from the Microsoft Store, this new edition includes the main game and all content via DLC and expansions, as well as the Ultimate Pack, which contains the Crocodile Hunter Pack, the Jungle Expedition Pack, and the Vice Pack.

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Crocodile Hunter Pack

  • 45/70 gun
  • 45/70 cartridge vehicle accessory
  • crocodile tooth weapon amulet
  • Bushwhacker’s outfit
  • off road vehicle

Jungle Expedition Pack

  • compass weapon amulet
  • SBS weapon
  • the adventurer’s outfit

Vice Pack

  • Champagne — a white panther companion
  • Golden Bullion Weapon Amulet
  • Vehicle Accessory Letter Opener
  • Scorpion Weapon
  • Miami Strip clothing
  • convertible vehicle

As far as we know, this is the same content included in the Ultimate Edition of the game, which basically means this is just a re-release with a new name, but we still need to be sure of that. The Far Cry 6 Season Pass gives you access to additional content including The Blood Dragon Set, the Classic Edition of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, and post-game story expansions (Vaas: Insanity, Pagan: Control, Joseph: Collapse ).

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Is Ubisoft preparing some new content to include in this new edition of the game?

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