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Fanatical promotes the purchase of games on Steam for prices starting at R$ 5

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A fanatical is running a game promotion on Steam. Called “Build Your Own Very Positive Bundle 3”, it consists of making some titles available for prices starting at BRL 5.15 and go to BRL 25.68. Altogether, they are 16 games that can be selected for purchase in the store:

  • FAR: Lone Sails;
  • Save Room – Organization Puzzle;
  • Astronarch;
  • Buddy Simulator 1984;
  • Cosmic Star Heroine;
  • Tower of Time;
  • Clustertruck;
  • Nomad Survival;
  • Superbugs: Awaken;
  • Nobodies: Murder Cleaner;
  • Monstrum;
  • Deadly Days;
  • Adventures of Chris;
  • Divekick;
  • Joggernauts.

According to the norms, when buying a game, the user pays R$ 5.15. Now, when purchasing 5 titles, the price is R$ 15.39 and in addition, when opting for 10 games, the final price is R$ 25.68. It is worth remembering that the value can be changed according to the dollar.

In general, the productions are of varied genres, including turn-based RPG styles, survival, some based on chaotic physics and more. In addition, they are provided as official Steam keys, which can be redeemed instantly and are kept in the user’s account forever.

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Another recent promotion involving the game store offered Europeian titles during the carnival period. That is, the purchase at a discount can be made between the 18th and 23rd of February. Finally, it is possible to receive a coupon for a 5% reduction in the value of the next purchase.

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