Family Bell comes to Android for the management and notification of personal and family tasks


Family Bell, the function that arrived last year on speakers and smart screens compatible with the Google Assistant, and whose mission is to carry out notifications to each member according to the distribution of tasks established, now jump to Android devices, as promised from Google last August.

It is an expansion whereby Android devices can now be considered both for the establishment of tasks (or bells) and to serve as a means for receiving their notifications, ideal if you are going to be away from home, away from the speakers and smart screens that are available.

From an Android mobile, users will be able to find this Google Assistant function either with the command “Ok Google, Family Bell”, or by searching for it within the Assistant’s own configuration options, being able to add a direct access to this function from the home screen.

But that is not all, attending to the individual needs or objectives, it will no longer be necessary for a single member to manage and administer the tasks for the rest of the members, since each member, individually, will also have the ability to create their own personal tasks and be notified of them upon arrival the moment.

And if that weren’t enough, Family Bell also arrives with a selection of possible tasks to carry out in connection with the Christmas holidays. According to Google:

For the holidays, suggested bells for new activities include watering a tree, a family movie night, or volunteering to support a local cause. Family Bell is always easy to edit, manage, and customize from your selected device.

It is one of the main novelties that come to Android phones on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, although the list is much more complete. In this regard, three new widgets arrive for Google Play Books, YouTube Music and Google Photos, allowing users to access their favorite content from the home page.

Also comes the Memories function to Google Photos to remember more unforgettable moments from the application, various Android improvements related to cars, resetting permissions for apps that haven’t been used for a while for more Android 6.0 or higher devices, with expansion coming within a month, and more.

More information: Google