Fairphone CEO resigns. Six years of ethical products and a look to the future

fairphone ceo resigns. six years of ethical products and a
fairphone ceo resigns. six years of ethical products and a

Eva Gouwens she resigned from CEO of Fairphone: the manager herself announced it in a post on the official website. “It seems like a natural time to step aside after six years at the helm“, he explains, recalling the important phase of growth that the company is experiencing (also) thanks to the “considerable investment” at the beginning of the year (49 million euros) which allows Fairphone to look at the “future with confidence“. A change of gear for the Dutch company that Eva Gouwens considered to represent the right opportunity to step aside and give way to someone else.

Eva Gouwens

We completed 10 years of Fairphone in 2023, taking on our new investors earlier this year. We are on the cusp of many exciting announcements for the Fairphone brand that cement our transition from start-up to scale-up. We launched among new iterations of the Fairphone. We made audio waves with our fully modular and easily repairable Fairbuds XL and our True Wireless Earbuds. We have made the company a profitable enterprise for our investors and shareholders, demonstrating to the industry that it is possible to be profitable and sustainable as a consumer electronics company. […] Our products come with a 5-year warranty and 7-year software support. They contain more equitable materials than ever before. These are unprecedented achievements in the industry, achievements I will be proud of for the rest of my career.


With Eva Gouwens at the helm, Fairphone presented many new products: six, to be precise, as are the years in which the manager held the role of CEO. Not only that: in this period the company has made itself known all over the world, managing to demonstrate to the competition that it can be pursue profit even following economically and socially sustainable roads. A path that we hope will continue in the years to come when his successor will be named.



The third generation of the ethical smartphone makes its debut on the market. It has a Snapdragon 632 processor, a removable 3,000mAh battery, a single 12MP rear camera, an 8MP front camera, and a 5.65-inch display.

2020: FAIRPHONE 3+


It is not a real new smartphone, rather the demonstration that the company’s devices can be adapted to the new needs of consumers by modifying some components. Here then debut the 48MP rear camera and the 16MP front one. A peculiarity: Fairphone 3+ can be purchased, yes, but also “built” starting from a Fairphone 3. Basically, just remove the two cameras and replace them with new ones to transform the 3 into 3+.

2021: FAIRPHONE 4 5G


This model represents an important novelty for the company: it is the first with support for 5G networks and is defined as “the world’s first zero electronic waste phone“. Basically, for every Fairphone 4 sold, an old smartphone is recycled or resold. The technical characteristics also improve: FHD+ display (6.3”), Snapdragon 750G, removable 3.905mAh battery, 25MP front camera and dual rear 48MP (main + ultra wide angle).



Fairphone begins to diversify the offer and launches its first earphones on the market. They have a charge management system that allows the batteries to extend their life cycle. They feature active noise cancellation, 10mm dynamic drivers, and in-ear detection.



The refurbished Fairphone 3 is back on the market, a “new” offer yes but also a provocation to demonstrate how much the brand’s smartphones can be recovered giving them new life. Being a “recycled” product, it is limited edition.



New year, new audio product: it’s the turn of Fairbuds XL, the brand’s first over-ear headphones and the first example of an ethical and sustainable device made with recycled and easily repairable material. It is premium, offers ANC, IP54 resistance, autonomy up to 30 hours and, of course, modularity. The replaceable parts are the battery, speaker-to-speaker cable, eartip, headband, ear cushion, headband base, speaker and eartip cover.

 Fairphone 5

In recent years Fairphone has not only amazed for the new products brought to the market, but also (and perhaps above all) for the attention to the updates. Think, for example, of Fairphone 2, which received its latest update in March of this year (43 in total!) after 7 long years of life. On the horizon there is Fairphone 5, of which we have recently seen the first renderings, which will be increasingly premium while keeping its ethical peculiarities intact.

Fairphone 4 is available online from Amazon Marketplace at 719 euros. To see the other 3 offers click here. (updated June 28, 2023, 7.50pm)

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