Fairphone 5: Leaked renders reveal new generation design of sustainable phone

Fairphone 5: Leaked renders reveal new generation design of sustainable phone
fairphone 5 leaked renders reveal new generation design of sustainable.jpeg

Known for bringing to the market devices that seek to be sustainable and encourage self-repair of devices, Fairphone may soon launch the newest generation of its smartphones with some visual evolutions that bring the device closer to current times.

Called at least for now the Fairphone 5, the new device is expected to hit the international market later this year and the released renders were obtained by Android Authority staff from a source who had access to them within the company, that is, at least in theory they are official.

In the images, which can be seen below, it is possible to observe that the upcoming Fairphone 5 maintains the same standard on the rear (double set of cameras and a ToF sensor housed in a triangular frame) and should also be offered in 3 colors, one of which is transparent .

At the front, it is possible to observe that the Fairphone 5 integrates a screen with a centralized hole for the selfie camera, abandoning the pattern seen so far of a display with a drop notch, which puts it in line aesthetically with other devices seen in the traditional market.

Despite the more current look, the expectation is that its good repairability will be maintained, which includes offering a removable battery (thus avoiding the need for glue and more complex repair procedures) and more.

For now, the Fairphone 5 has no release date revealed but considering this leak, it is very likely that we will see news related to it soon.

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