Facebook will remove political and religious opinions from profiles starting in December


There is a lot of hate on social networks, many profiles that vent their anger virtually to be able to go out into the street more calmly, like someone who enters those places where we can break vases to vent aggression. Logically, there are aggressive people on and off the Internet, but when no one sees our faces, it is easier to insult and trample on someone whose name begins with an “@”.

As much as Twitter or Facebook insist on making this not the case, all attempts end up failing, but now we see how Facebook wants to go back to its old ways with a rather controversial measure, it wants there to be no political or religious opinions in the profiles of your social network.

The idea is to remove this type of information from our profile, to eliminate that information that indicates that we are from the right or from the left, or that we belong to one or another religion. By removing that information, the haters They won’t be able to attack us just by looking at our profile, although they will continue to do so if we post content that reflects our ideals.

In this way, our Facebook page will say less about us, just as has already confirmed Meta to consultant Matt Navarra. It will remove “interested in,” political views, and religion information from Facebook profiles starting December 1.

The move is meant to make Facebook “easier to navigate and use” so that if someone has those fields filled out, they’ll get a notification saying they’re going to be removed.

The contact information and the status of our relationship will still exist, but the profile information will change to be less transparent.

Although it may seem like a small change, there are many people who go to the “contact and basic information” part in search of some information that can be used for their daily dose of digital adrenaline, so it will surely be noticed in the day to day. day of who receives threatening anonymous messages.

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