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    Facebook will ban content used to sexually harass celebrities

    facebook razones caida ciberataque 1.jpg
    facebook razones caida ciberataque 1.jpg

    Antigone Davis, Facebook’s head of global security, shared a new entry in the company blog. The new update to the social network will add new rules to the content review process, as well as to the algorithm that classifies words and ideas automatically.

    From now on the content that serves to sexually harass celebrities is not allowed, it never was, but now special emphasis will be placed on groups, pages, events and profiles dedicated to harassing. Normally these groups were somewhat excluded from the internal rules of Facebook, but at least in this case it will not be like that anymore.

    Protection of celebrities

    Facebook comments that some people use the social network to create edited images of celebrities or even videos. The distribution of this type of content created through specialized tools will be prohibited, so that the user who publishes them could see their account in danger.

    Public figures, whether they are politicians, journalists, celebrities or creators, use Facebook and Instagram to interact directly with their followers. We made these changes because attacks like these can turn the appearance of a public figure into a weapon, which is unnecessary and often unrelated to the work these public figures represent.

    Antigone Davis.


    Image editing is very common among politicians, journalists and other celebrities who do not specialize in an artistic field. Facebook will try to protect everyone in an attempt to prevent the viralization of harmful posts for some people and their families.

    Facebook also announced that large-scale coordinated threats and posts to harass someone through groups and events will also be prohibited. In this sense, they refer to content that does not necessarily break any Facebook rule, but that does represent a threat far from the network. An example is indirect bullying campaigns or threats of aggression.

    Facebok is trying to avoid as many scandals right now, he has a lot to deal with due to the statements of his former employee France Haugen. And that’s not all, as she herself will testify before the UK Senate in the coming days.