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Facebook will announce in the next few hours the launch of its alternative to Clubhouse

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Today seems to be a very important day for facebook-begins-to-allow-the-export-of-posts-and-notes-to-google-docs-and-wordpress/">Facebook, which is preparing a whole battery of news around products based on voice. Yes, not only that alternative to Clubhouse that has been rumored for weeks and that a few days ago resulted in an app called Hotline, but also in other areas of content that have multiplied their popularity in recent times. As we told you, today could be the day chosen by Mark Zuckerberg to make official and to launch the application compatible with voice chats in a generalized way to users. A kind of social network inspired by Clubhouse where users can join thematic conversations, and in which we will play the role of listeners who, at any time, can participate by raising their hands. Beyond the voice rooms, “social audio” But we will not only have the opportunity to listen and that’s it. In Hotline it is possible to create rooms ourselves for other users to access and, with a bit of luck, gradually create a legion of followers that we do not know very well how we can monetize. For now, and as it happens in these things, we have to create a community in order to think about how to make the leap in quality in the future. But be careful because it seems that this imminent Facebook announcement, which some place throughout this day, could have a greater depth by being encompassed within something that they are going to call “social audio”. That is, a whole range of products around the use of sound, which could be made official in the afternoon today, as soon as dawn on the west coast of the USA, and that would go beyond those voice chats. . So much so that they would also touch another important stick: podcasts. Of course, although it is very possible that throughout today they will be made official, those same analysts warn that we will have a product presentation with a staggered arrival calendar over the next few months. And not only in the case of Hotline, but also in other options that they shuffle like the versions with audio of the famous Messenger rooms, and even sound fragments to show news, etc. Although the big bet comes through some old acquaintances. These are podcasts, a type of content that has been multiplied in consumption during the pandemic and that have been installed in apps such as Spotify, and many others, which are firmly committed to this format.

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