Facebook will also remove some location-based features

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There is no doubt that Meta Platforms is in the middle of its own spring cleaning. The withdrawal of its podcast service on Facebook will also add some services based on the physical location of users, as they are being notified through the mobile app for Android and iOS.

More precisely, the company is putting an end to the Close Friends function, to know who is physically nearby, as well as weather alerts, whose last day of availability for both options will be May 31.

Adapting the app to real uses

The notifications tell them that shared information for those experiences, including location history and background locations, will stop being collected after that date.

And as often happens in a situation like this, from Meta they give a margin of time so that users who wish to download their data before definitive elimination on the company’s servers.

Meta points out at this point that the location data can be downloaded until August 1 of this year, after which they will no longer be available, and therefore, inaccessible.

Of course, the Facebook mobile application will continue to collect user location information to feed, what they say, other experiences, so the only solution in this regard, for those who do not want it, is to disable the collection of information from the locations from the respective privacy settings on both mobile platforms (Android and iOS).

The company has not given a logical reason why it has now made this decision, although we can understand that it would not have enough use to continue keeping it in the application instead of other functions that could be of greater interest to users. users.

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