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Facebook tests reveal themselves as a gateway for hackers

1632334679 test facebook contrasenas3 1.png
1632334679 test facebook contrasenas3 1.png

You have surely seen Facebook posts that go very viral and look like innocent polls. “Your pet’s name and your second initial are the name of your rock band” and things like that. Apparently not so innocent, but they have a clear intention: to steal your identity. (via: Techxplore)

Precisely the Beyonidentity survey comes from pearls to warn about these publications. The name of a pet is the third most common password of all, if you reveal that information to know the name of your rock band, you will be giving access to someone.

Not so dumb test

Maybe not on Facebook, but on other platforms, since another significant percentage of people use the same password in different places. “Whenever you are asked to provide information that could easily be a secondary security issue, you are potentially exposing yourself to malicious acts,” says Richard Lawson, former director of the Consumer Protection Division.

Maybe your pet is not your password, but it is the answer to your security question. The same for the initials of your name or your last name, many (20%) use their own identity as a password. And if we take into account how viral these posts are, hackers will gain access to at least one account.

According to a NortonLifeLock survey, about 50% of Facebook users reveal that they have participated in these types of posts. In fact, in the first FB transparency report it revealed that the most shared publication of August was one of these, and the top 10 was completed by some more very similar ones.

Remember that almost a third of people are trying to guess someone else’s passwords, so keep this information in mind from now on.