Facebook penalizes Nicolás Maduro’s page for giving false information about COVID-19

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captura148 730x405.jpg

Fake News related to the disease caused by the coronavirus continues to be persecuted by the large social networks, although in reality only a minority end up being eliminated from the platforms.

What is certain is that leaders who make false claims are often blocked. We already saw it with Trump, and the president of Venezuela seems to be following the same line.

Facebook froze the page of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, it cannot be updated, and all for violating network policies. What he has done is to publish data on a new drug that can cure the disease, something false, since there is no medical evidence on the subject.

A Facebook spokesperson commented this past Saturday that the matter is related to the disclosure of Carvativir, an oral solution derived from thyme, “miracle drops” from the 19th century Venezuelan doctor José Gregorio Hernández. Many people have spoken of the subject as if it were a “miracle” drug, but there is no scientific evidence on the subject. Disclosure by the president of a country can put the health of millions of people at risk who will fail to take appropriate action because they take “their miracle thyme.”

Facebook has removed a video in which Maduro promotes the drug, and they say they will continue to do so as long as someone discloses something that the WHO has not included in its guide.

Due to repeated rule violations, they can freeze the page for 30 days, when it will be read-only, although we already know what happened to Trump, eventually the accounts can be permanently deleted.

At the moment only the Facebook page has been affected, the Instagram page continues without problems.