Facebook Messenger is updated: now its encrypted chats are better

Although Facebook is no longer the most important social network that exists, it still has a good number of users. This maintains the use of your messaging service because it offers features that are more than enough to be a more than correct solution. Well, the company owned by Meta has decided to launch an update that is most interesting as well as necessary. The truth is that the development we are talking about has not received an improvement of the depth of which it has begun to be deployed for a long time. In addition, what is added is quite relevant, since it affects the security section that is currently so important for Facebook Messenger and any other messaging work. A good push, therefore, and this shows that support for this work is maintained despite the fact that it competes directly with WhatsApp (both applications being owned by the same company). Improvements in the security of Facebook Messenger We are not talking about the inclusion of the use of end-to-end encryption, since this is something that the app has offered for a long time. But what the company has improved is that many of the functions that were not present here are now present. And this is excellent news because the safe use of development is now much more complete. Thus, the basic mimicry options are present and many others such as reactions with emojis, the use of themes, and even in the preview of the links. And, all this, without there being compatibility problems between the different clients of the app. Something that must be taken into account is that all this comes for chats between two users, but in what has to do with groups these novelties are not included. Of course, the company has confirmed that protection will gradually be added in the different habitual uses of the application in the latter case, so there is no idea of ‚Äč‚Äčleaving progress halfway. The fact is that the evolutionary leap in terms of protection is quite important and positive to reduce distances with its competitors. Some other changes that are important For starters, there’s the return of bubbles in the Android version of Facebook Messenger. This option, which had been lost for a while (not for everyone), can now be used stably on all devices that have the latest version of the application installed on a terminal with Google’s operating system. Therefore, clicking on them and starting to chat with a contact is something that is completely possible again. In what has to do with the rollout of the update, it has already started, but not in all regions. Consequently, it will gradually be implemented in all the places where the Facebook messaging application is present, which are not few. >