Facebook launches new options to create reels and earn money

facebook reels.jpg
facebook reels.jpg

The Facebook team shared a series of updates that creators will find on the platform for creating Reels.

And on the other hand, he also mentioned some of the plans they are implementing for creators to earn more money with their content. We tell you the details.

New tools to create Reels on Facebook

One of the news announced by Facebook has to do with a new source of inspiration to create creative Reels. Creators will have an inspiration hub where popular Reels are collected, along with trending hashtags and music, to use as a reference.

And if you still don’t know how to start creating a Reel with inspiration, Facebook will show you some trending templates that you can use to create your own with a few simple changes.

On the other hand, the way of creating Reels from the mobile has improved, since now in the interface you will find everything you need to create them, without having to go around in different sections. So both audio, text and music are on the same editing screen.

So as you edit the Reels, you will be able to use these elements and make all the necessary changes without losing the preview.

Facebook has also added another way to get a Reel without having to complicate yourself, using the live:

[…] we’ve updated our Clips to Reels feature so that Facebook will help automatically select the highest quality clips from Live and reformat them into a reel that creators can easily post

More options to earn money with Facebook

In addition to the new options for creating Reels, Facebook also mentioned its new plans for creators to earn money from their branded content.

For example, they are testing the ability to post Instagram stories and reels to Facebook. A dynamic that would improve the reach of your advertising campaigns, since with one action you would reach another audience.

They are also lowering the requirements for creators to be eligible for monetization programs. And as the Facebook team mentions, they are also adding additional bonuses to increase creator earnings.

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