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Facebook launches new features for creators to connect with their fans

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The Facebook team announced a series of new features to give creators more tools to engage with their fans and grow their audience.

New features of Pages that will allow them to better organize the content dedicated to subscribers and give them new options to promote them.

New Features for Facebook Pages

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One of the options that Facebook is rolling out with these new features for Pages is what allows creators to recommend each other. That is, a creator can recommend their audience to follow another creator.

So the followers will receive a notification, by way of recommendation, to follow a new creator. A new dynamic to support each other among creators, and at the same time, help users discover new content and proposals. Facebook is also adding “Rising Creator Labels.” These tags will make it easier for users to discover emerging creators.

On the other hand, another new feature will make it easier for creators to share exclusive content with their fans and subscribers. At the time of publishing the content, you will see in the configuration a new option “Top fans” that will allow you to filter your audience.

And in the future, Facebook will also launch a new option that follows this same dynamic, but for creators to share “early access” to certain content only to some of their subscribers. Creators will also get new templates, both in stories and posts, that will automatically add featured fans as a thank you.

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And as a bonus, creators who use Facebook from their iOS devices will see a new option that will allow them to create a Reel, Story or start a live broadcast in a simple way, without having to follow the traditional steps. At the moment, they have not mentioned when this new selector will be implemented for Android users.

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