Facebook launches a game to hit matches of the Spanish football league

laliga3towin facebook.jpg
laliga3towin facebook.jpg
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The Spanish Football League has just launched the game on Facebook «LaLiga 3 to Win». The video game is integrated into Facebook Fantasy Games. This is a feature within the social network that was launched last September in the United States and Canada and is now available worldwide.

LaLiga 3 to Win is a predictive game integrated into Facebook that allows players to bet on the results and statistics of the Spanish soccer league matches

Facebook Fantasy Games en a platform hosting free prediction games, so that users can make their guesses about the outcome of sporting events, television programs and other pop culture events.

With this new gaming philosophy, Facebook intends to go beyond traditional fictional sports games. In this way, try thereby promoting greater user involvement, who perceive this type of game as easier to play in which all participants have the same starting information. This gaming platform is available for both Android and iOS devices.

In LaLiga 3 to Win, in addition to predict the results of the matches of each day, users will be able to create their own leagues. This last option, which allows both public and private tournaments, is very similar to what Comunio already offers, where users set up their own leagues and teams with the players they choose.

It is also reminiscent of games like the Fantastic Brand League. However, the performance of these players in the video game depends on what they do in real life. Well, it is not just about predicting the results of the matches, but also who will be the best players and other statistics.

LaLiga 3 to Win will allow its players to a maximum of three bets per day. Users must establish the victory, defeat or draw of these three games and, based on their correct answers, they will accumulate points in the classification. If they make a full in their bets, and hit their three predictions, they will get double points.

The first day on which you can bet will be this Saturday, January 21. LaLiga 3 to Win is available to Facebook users from all over the world. The game can be accessed through notifications in the News Feed.