Facebook is updated with improvements perfect for Reels lovers

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has announced new features to improve the user experience with Reels -Facebook’s short-form videos-. With the growing popularity of this content on the platform, the company aims to help users discover and personalize usage to always find matches that are interesting to them. To improve discovery of relevant Reels, new options have been introduced for how they appear on Facebook Watch. Videos can now be accessed directly from the main page -at the top-, giving users faster access. In this way, finding content from creators and trends will be easier and always with something that is interesting for the user. Also, from now on, scrolling between short and long-form creations will be much less complicated while watching videos on Facebook. Good measures that make life much easier. Better personalize your Reels feed on Facebook In addition to making it easier to discover relevant content, Meta has introduced features that allow users to personalize their experience when accessing Reels. It will now be possible to use the three-dot menu at the bottom of the video player to indicate the types of short videos you would like to see. This new feature will help everyone explore what they enjoy now and discover new interests, creators, and communities that can be a reference in the future. On the other hand, Facebook has launched another new feature in the Reels video player. It provides contextual tags, which are intended to clarify why particular content is displayed to the user. For example, if a friend “liked” an option on the social network, the tag will explain why it is in the user’s feed. This feature will help everyone to be very clear about why something is recommended and also give you more information about the personalized use of the short videos we talked about. Meta attaches great importance to these videos The new Facebook tools for Reels are part of the company’s efforts to improve the user experience on its platforms. With the introduction of these functions, it seeks to solve the objective of providing a more personalized and pleasant experience with short videos for users. By allowing users to discover and personalize the content they see, the firm hopes to keep users engaged and continue to increase the popularity of this content on the social network. >