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Facebook is developing its first smartwatch

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Facebook is working on the development of its first smartwatch. It is not the first time that Mark Zuckerberg’s company shows its interest in developing a device of this type, since in 2019 it already bid for Fitbit, the popular smartwatch company, to have its own smartwatch. However, it was finally Google that acquired the company and now Facebook is developing its own device in-house.

Facebook’s smartwatch will include two cameras, and one of them will be detachable

Although the company has not made official confirmation that it is creating the smartwatch, the launch of this new device could be scheduled for the summer of next year, according to information leaked by company workers related to the creation of the new device. .

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At the moment, all that is known about the new smartwatch that Facebook is preparing is speculation. Apparently, Facebook plans to sell the smartwatch at a price that would be around $ 400 in the US market, although it is unknown if it would go on sale in other countries and what price it would have.

The peculiarity of this smartwatch is that will have two cameras, both for photography and video, and one of them will be removable. The first of the cameras will be embedded in the front of the clock, next to the screen, and is designed to make video calls.

The other camera, with 1080p resolution and autofocus, can be detached from the watch’s stainless steel frame. Photos and videos taken from this lens can be shared directly through Facebook and other company-owned applications, such as Instagram. According to the leaked information, Facebook is working with other companies to design accessories that allow the camera to be assembled and disassembled from the clock.

It is also known that Facebook is already collaborating with operators in the United States to provide LTE connectivity to this device. Thanks to this, the smartwatch no need to link to a phone to be able to function. The company’s long-term plans are to integrate this watch with the augmented reality glasses it is working on.

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The Facebook smartwatch will also include a sensor to measure heart rate and record exercise routines. In this way, the company intends to battle Apple Watch, which also has this service, and position its model in the fitness technology market.

The company plans to sell the device in its own stores, and it will initially be available in three colors: white, black and gold. In addition, the company would already be working on the second and third generation of the device, which would go on sale in later years.


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