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Facebook investigated for possible discrimination in wages and promotions

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Facebook investigated for possible discrimination in wages and promotions

Just over a month ago Google had to pay $ 3.8 million to over 5,500 employees for pay discrimination, but now it would be Facebook’s turn: the US company would currently be investigated for applying bias (or prejudices) in salaries and promotions.

In fact, the Reuters news agency reported that the Equal Opportunities Commission (EEOC) is examining some allegations presented by employee Oscar Veneszee, Jr. that the giant of Mark Zuckerberg allegedly discriminated against black candidates and employees by promoting racial stereotypes.

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The EEOC has not currently resumed or raised any particular allegations against the company, but the investigation is still ongoing. It should be noted that the latter may also not produce results relating to any wrongdoing on the part of Facebook, or otherwise it could pave the way for a possible class action lawsuit.

Both the agency and Facebook Inc. have made no statements on the matter, but the company’s diversity report released last year showed that it is still below its target of having the 50% of its workforce from underrepresented groups by 2024, although it experienced 2.3% growth between 2019 and 2020.

Meanwhile, the Zuckerberg platform published an advertisement to promote personalized advertisements, thus relaunching the dispute with Apple which, with iOS 14.5, made the request for consent for user tracking mandatory.

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