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Facebook has this option to meet a Marketplace seller

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One of the functions that it has Facebook is he marketplace, a place to purchase products or services, and although the electronic commerce has been standardized on the platform, it is also possible for product sellers to request a personal meeting to deliver the product to the buyer at a location agreed by both. It usually occurs when the users They do not belong to a company, but are natural persons.

About, marketplace has incorporated an additional security function so that these encounters in appropriate environments, so that none of the people involved are exposed to situations that involve a risk for your welfare.

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Facebook allows both the buyer and the seller to have a conversation through Messenger, in which a message can be generated meeting that can be shared with other people, who will be able to know the place and time in advance, so that they can be aware of what happens.

Create meeting plan for purchases and sales in Marketplace. (Goal)

Create meeting plan for purchases and sales in Marketplace. (Goal)

To create this plan meetingusers must follow these steps regardless of whether they are the seller or the buyer:

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– Enter the More options menu within the conversation with the seller at the top of the window.

– Press the option, Create a plan meeting.

– Users will need to select the meeting method as well as optional time, location and additional notes.

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– With the Send Plan button, the reminder can be sent as a calendar within the conversation of Messenger.

– In the case of wanting to share the plan with an additional contact, in the Send Plan function, you must search within the Facebook contact list for the person to whom you want to send the information.

– If you have selected an incorrect contact, you can click on the Undo button again.

– To share the meeting plan, you can also tap More options at the top of the chat Messenger and then share plan.

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Marketplace Tips for In-Person Meetings

On the other hand, Facebook has also made a compilation of tips and additional considerations that users who agree to meet with others to make a buys or sale.

Users can use Messenger to share a meeting plan with a buyer, seller or additional contacts (Freepik)

Users can use Messenger to share a meeting plan with a buyer, seller or additional contacts (Freepik)

Depending on the application, the first considerations they imply that users must take into account what type of information they share. The most important thing is not to disclose information sensitive as the address from the house

Another recommendation is not to change the time or place of the meetingespecially if a meeting plan has already been generated and it has already been shared with others contacts. At the time of attending the meeting, it is also recommended that the cell phone battery be charged and that the authorities be contacted in case of emergency.

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Users will also be able to use an external tracking application by GPS to share the exact location of the meeting with other users through other platforms.

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