Facebook gains update that simplifies publication of reels and expands monetization

Facebook gains update that simplifies publication of reels and expands monetization
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In order to ensure that the 3 billion people active on Facebook continue to engage on the platform, Meta announced updates to attract more creators and offer content to users. The competition for attention on the networks is even fiercer with TikTok and its new generation magnet algorithm.

Therefore, among the news are the simplification of the process of creating reels on the platform, new features in ProMode to help creators expand their following and expanded monetization options.

Facebook launched an inspiration hub for content creators (Image: Reproduction/Phone Arena)

Facebook has introduced an inspiration hub in the professional dashboard to make it easier to create reels. It brings together popular reels, hashtags, topics and music to inspire creators in their content production. Mobile app update now combines audio, music and text into one unified editing screen, simplifying reel editing.

Posting reels on Facebook has been simplified (Image: Reproduction / Phone Arena)

Currently, any Facebook user can switch to Professional Mode and become a creator. ProMode creators can appear in the “Following Creators” unit in the feed, increasing your chances of being discovered by more people. Additionally, when ProMode creators comment on public posts, a follow button may appear next to their name, allowing them to attract new followers through conversation.

The new update lowered some of the eligibility requirements for monetization, and creators now need to have earned 500 followers in the last 30 days to qualify for monetizationcompared to the previous requirement of 1,000 followers in 60 days.

In addition, creators can now publish stories and reels produced on Instagram on Facebook as well, which increases the reach of the content. Additionally, Facebook plans to initiate a limited trial where select creators can monetize reels that incorporate licensed music from the Facebook Audio Library.

Most of the new updates are only available to users on ProMode, but the company is saying it hopes to bring them more widely over time.

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