Facebook expands its equivalent to Clubhouse globally

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1633986548 liveaudio.jpg

Facebook today takes a new step in its commitment to social audio rooms, expanding the availability of Live Audio globally, thus arriving public figures and creators spread all over the world.

In this way, this characteristic, with which wants to compete against Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces and the like, and which launched last June to the company’s users in the United States, is now available globally.

Follow the bet for social audio

With this deployment also comes the possibility that users can create their Live Audio rooms also from Android devices, taking into account that this possibility was until now only in those users who use iOS mobiles.

And since there are not two without three, the creation of Live Audio rooms also reaches groups, also along with some control mechanisms for administrators, so that they can establish who of the participants can enter them, allowing the creation of both public and private rooms.

From the desktop version of Facebook it will only be allowed to listen to the conversations of the rooms, leaving the creation of the same exclusively available for the official application for mobile devices.

On the other hand, Facebook has also announced the expansion of Soundbites, its short-lived audio feature, similar to Instagram Reels but only audio, as Mark Zuckerberg describes, to more users in the United States over the next few weeks.

The idea of ​​this feature, which is still in its early phase but has gained a lot of attention from creators, is that users themselves can record a joke, an anecdote, a brief opinion, whatever they want, as long as it is from audio and short duration, using a separate tool within Facebook, and whose publications are also available through the walls.

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From Facebook also comes the promise to expand its podcast experience as part of the “long-term vision to offer a holistic experience that brings together new opportunities for distribution, discovery, monetization and social connections for podcasts in one place”, in addition to working also in the development of harmful content detection through audio.