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Facebook could change the way it handles fake news about COVID-19

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Meta will assess whether the way to address misinformation about COVID-19 is still adequate.

He considers that most of the countries have returned to normality, so he would have to apply a new policy that suits the current context.

Eliminating fake news about COVID-19 would no longer be a priority for Meta

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When the pandemic started, all social platforms were plagued with false information about COVID-19. As the months passed, most social networks were taking measures to deal with misinformation.

We have seen that they have added more moderation tools, improved algorithms, open online information center, among other options to stop misinformation about COVID-19 and vaccines.

And although Meta has implemented some of these dynamics to eradicate false information about COVID-19 on Facebook, it now considers that this line should be evaluated taking into account the new context.

To this end, they have asked the Supervisory Board to act as an independent auditor and advise on this issue:

Meta is asking the Oversight Board for advice on whether measures to tackle dangerous COVID-19 disinformation, introduced under extraordinary circumstances at the start of the pandemic, should remain in place, as many, but not all, countries around the world seek to return to more normal life

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The Meta team shared a summary of the different measures they took during these 2 years to end disinformation, which led to the removal of more than 25 million pieces of content. However, Meta now considers that the situation “has evolved” and that many countries are already returning to normal, so it is important to implement a policy that is appropriate for all.

In other words, they are considering whether it is still appropriate to remove any content related to COVID-19, which can be potentially harmful, or simply apply a label system to warn users about this information.

This reopens the debate about the little interest that Meta has in combating disinformation and false notifications within its platforms.

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