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Facebook copies Discord and prepares Community Chats

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Facebook has been “inspired” by Discord to expand the features of its instant messaging platform, Facebook Messenger, which will have a new feature called Community chatconsisting of live chat groups, some chats classified by theme.

Community Chats bring together Facebook and Facebook Messenger groups

This will allow browsing through the different chats available depending on whether they refer to an event or matter, allowing members to connect with each other beyond the publication of messages and comments.

At the beginning of the year, the possibility of this restructuring of Facebook groups and Facebook Messenger groups was already advanced, which now seems to be approaching a casual take on messaging and collaboration platforms for workgroups like Slack, Teams or the upcoming Zoom Team Chat.

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And it is that the formation of online communities is being one of the new interests of different platforms, such as TikTok or Instagram, which seek to establish these social relationships with something more than text chats, as is the case with audiochat channels, which became popular after the arrival of Clubhouse and its “adaptation” to different platforms and social networks as a new feature.

In the case of Facebook Messenger Community Chats, this possibility is also used, so that the way of communicating between the members of these chats is not only the text. They can also connect via audio or via cameras with which to reach the participants.

From Facebook it is advanced that the first tests will begin to take place in the coming weeks, so that gradually the different existing groups will be able to have access to this new online community modality, in addition to being able to generate new ones.

Chat communities will be managed by an administrator that you will have different tools to maintain order, including the possibility of expelling members who publish content that violates the group’s rules or even delete their messages.

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