Facebook closes Sparked, its speed dating app via video conferencing

sparked dating app
sparked dating app
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Last April, Facebook’s experimental lab NPE (New Product Experimentation) announced that it was working on a new creature. It was Sparked, an application for speed dating by videoconference, of a maximum of four minutes.

Facebook will close this videoconference dating app that was still in the testing phase as of January 20

The idea was that, after those minutes of conversation, users could choose whether to “match” with the person with whom they have had the appointment or if they prefer to go on to the next one. Now Meta, the new name that the Facebook company has adopted, has made public that it is going to close this experimental app as of January 20.

The goal of Sparked was to differentiate itself from other dating apps by trying to be more exact in its “match” suggestions and thus save the user from the Tinder process of going from candidate to candidate. Taking into account the large amount of data on its users that Facebook accumulates, the developers of Sparked wanted a system that would facilitate “matches” between users based on their trends, tastes and behavior on the social network.

The Sparked team had organized a series of events to test the app in various cities in the United States. It has also organized several dating nights around the world throughout the last year, and even specific events for the LGTBQ population or certain age groups.

After these tests, the developers decided extend the duration of appointments up to ten minutes. They also incorporated new options, such as the possibility for users to choose whether they wanted to share personal information, such as their phone number or their Instagram account.

Already in summer, Sparked decided to try make these appointments solely through audio. In view of the success of this new modality, Facebook introduced the modality in its Facebook Dating platform (Facebook Couples), and, as a consequence of this decision, the closure of Sparked comes.