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Facebook blocked the sharing of news links: it happens in Australia

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facebook-blocked-the-sharing-of-news-links-it-happens-in.jpg" alt="Facebook blocked the sharing of news links: it happens in australia">

Historic decision that of today 17 February 2021 for Facebook. In fact, the giant in the world of social networks has decided to introduce important limitations to his social network as regards Australia.

In particular, according to what was reported by SlashGear and Engadget, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has chosen to block the ability for Australian users to share news links. It doesn’t matter whether it’s news related to Australia or overseas – the people involved won’t be able to see this type of content.

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In short, the decision of Facebook it has a significant impact on the use of the social network, as many users are used to sharing and commenting on the news of the day through the comments section offered by Mark Zuckerberg’s company service.

However, this is not just a novelty linked to users, since even those who own a Facebook page will have this limitation. This potentially means putting an end to the pages of those companies that usually use the social network as a “showcase” for their textual content.

In simple terms, Facebook will soon become “limited” in Australia. In any case, the choice of Mark Zuckerberg’s company comes later to request by the Australian authorities to pay publishers to post their news on the social network.

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