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Facebook and Instagram, the most used social networks in Spain; TikTok, the fastest growing

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The most popular social networks in Spain were facebook, with use by 55.8% of Spanish Internet users, and instagram, with 45.4%, according to the results of the latest CNMC Household Panel, corresponding to the fourth quarter of 2021, published this Friday.

According to the CNMC, Facebook, despite being the most popular, has followed the downward trend since 2016. In contrast, the other social network of Meta, Instagram, maintains the rise of users until reaching its maximum historical peak with the aforementioned 45.4% of Internet users.

In turn, the Asian video platform TikTok grew six percentage points compared to the second quarter of 2021 and stood at 18.6% share of Internet users. Other networks such as Twitter, with 21.3%; Pinterest, with 10%; o LinkedIn, with 8.4%, maintain their percentages and barely grew during this fourth quarter of 2021.

92.3% of Internet users used WhatsApp, which remained the preferred messaging application followed by Instagram (22.7%), Facebook Messenger (17.5%), Telegram (15.2%) and Skype (4 .6%). Regarding telephony and video call services, WhatsApp continued as the preferred platform to carry out this type of action, with 67.1%.

In general terms, the CNMC indicates that it has analyzed the internet consumption of Spaniards during the fourth quarter of 2021. Nine out of ten Spaniards used the network in the last three months and 77.5% of them frequently.

Similarly, almost nine out of ten Spaniards have a smartphone. Through the smartphone, users checked online messages several times a day (83.8%), saw the latest posts from their social networks (47%) or checked the latest emails in their inbox (39.8%). ). Other daily uses were playing games (19.2%), watching videos (25.8%) or using location services (7%).

38% of Spaniards did not call from their landline, six points more than at the end of 2020. On the other hand, 67.9% declared that they had sent several instant messages a day, surpassing the record reached in the second quarter of 2020 and 30.1% used the mobile to call several times a day.

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