Facebook abandons its podcast service


Meta is finally walking away from its podcast business. It’s only been a year since Facebook announced its foray into podcasts, and just a few months since it went global.

However, Meta has changed its plans and podcasts are no longer part of its strategy. It will close its podcast platform, some features will disappear and others will become part of other services.

Meta walks away from the podcast business

As mentioned in Bloomberg, Meta has reported that Facebook is pulling out of podcasts. Yes, even though it has only been a year since he entered the podcast business, the end has come.

It will shut down the podcast platform, discontinue soundbites, its short-form audio feature, and Live Audio Rooms will become part of Facebook Live.

Starting this week the changes will begin, as they have announced that podcasts will no longer be allowed to be uploaded to the platform. And on the other hand, all podcasts uploaded to the platform will be removed from June 3. However, they have not mentioned a precise date on the closure of the platform.

Meta has not given much information about the reasons for this change in strategy, but a spokesperson has mentioned that they constantly evaluate their features to focus on “the most meaningful experiences” for users.

It is not a mystery that Meta has focused his interests on the metaverse, and on making Reels the protagonists of Instagram. A strategy that is bearing fruit, since Reels currently represent 20% of the time spent by users on Instagram.

And as we have seen in previous articles, Instagram has many features on the way to enhance the dynamics of Reels and improve their visibility.