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 F1 23 brings back story mode and an
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The game F1 23 will be available soon for consoles and PC, with the promise to further evolve the franchise with important updates and maintaining high-quality graphics for players.

The game follows developed by Codemasters and published by EA Sports. Is the result of another year’s work pleasing in practice? TechSmart had early access to the game and tells you the details.

game modes

While this item was emptied in the predecessor, F1 22for this year, game modes have become one of the main items for the experience of F1 23. One of the highlights here is the return of a story mode.

That’s right. Braking Point 2 returns after a two-year hiatus to pick up the story seen in F1 2021, now with a series of character updates. Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler appear again, but not as rivals anymore, but as teammates.

Image: Rafael Barbosa / TechSmart.com

The developers added a fictional team, called Konnersport, as the 11th team in the category. It is a team with results considered predictable, which will need to find the path to victory, while solving internal challenges.

Braking Point delivers both a series of cutscenes with the unfolding of the main plot, in addition to customization options, receiving e-mails and other possibilities directly from the motorhome Of car.

Image: Rafael Barbosa / TechSmart.com

Another novelty among the game modes is the F1 World. It is an evolution of the F1 Life introduced in the predecessor title, with some increments that make the modality as if it were an “Ultimate Team” for the Formula 1 game.

In it, it is possible to find from a basic offline race of just three laps, to an online competition between cars completely customized by the player.

Image: Rafael Barbosa / TechSmart.com

In addition to them, Career and Split Screen modes are also present here, for those who want to create their own character and grow in the category, or just have fun locally with friends or family.

It is worth mentioning that the game continues to be localized in Portuguese in its entirety. That is, all menus and subtitles are translated into the language spoken in Europe. Total identification with the local public.


One of the important points that we must highlight is the change in traction from one year to the next. Until last year’s edition, even F1 experts struggled to race with the traction option turned off. It was as if the entire track was soapy, which made it impossible to leave the car on the track without rolling once.

For the F1 23, Codemasters listened to feedback from drivers and teams to build a system that was more realistic at this point. In other words, in the fight of the car “sliding” without traction control, leaving the item off will only make mechanical grip during acceleration after a corner.

Image: Rafael Barbosa / TechSmart.com

Another point inserted is in the duration option of 35% of the total laps. This will allow you to have an experience that allows you to make stops and strategies that are more realistic, without having to choose between spending just a few laps on the track or having to do a full race.

Overall, the mechanics don’t change that much compared to what we already know. You must do the overtaking and the curves cleanly, otherwise you will be punished that will compromise your race, as it happens in reality.

Image: Rafael Barbosa / TechSmart.com

It is also necessary to be careful and avoid possible collisions. They can affect your car’s performance or even take you out of the race if the damage was extensive.

In terms of tracks and drivers, both lists are up to date for the current season. There is even the possibility of racing in Qatar and Las Vegas, as of the second year of Career Mode, as a novelty.

Graphics and soundtrack

In the graphic part, we can consider more maintenance than innovations for the F1 23. The scenarios are very faithful, with the tracks rich in detail and realistic elements, while the pilots still have elements a little more artificial.

Something that we expected for this version and did not happen was a greater realism in the visual damage of the cars. In real life, a blow to the corner of the front wing does not always make the entire piece fall, for example. Edge breakages or some small pieces are common, but not yet present in the game.

Images: Rafael Barbosa / TechSmart.com

On the other hand, the soundtrack does not disappoint. The original opening music is present here once again, as well as great fidelity in the sound effects of engines and the environment, which improves the player’s immersion.

As in previous years, the game continues with dubbing in Portuguese. Something that gains greater importance in games related to sports. The narration does not use a famous professional from the press, but it fits very well into the game.

Final considerations

F1 23 tries to correct some mistakes of its predecessor and bring welcome improvements. The return of a story mode expands the possibilities of the player, while the F1 World delivers well the experience of other titles with the “Ultimate Team” for the Formula 1 simulator, as responsible for the longevity of the game.

The highlight of the gameplay is the correction of traction turned off, which is now more compatible with what happens in real life. Overall, it’s not much different from what we already know in the franchise.

The graphics are still beautiful, but there is room for improvement. They go a long way into the finer details of car damage to make them look more realistic. On the other hand, the soundtrack and the narration in Portuguese may seem like items in the background, but they remain essential for a great immersion of the user.

Braking Point backF1 World like Improved traction control without assistanceWell-tuned and immersive sound effectsDubbing in PT-BR
artificial cosmetic damageNo graphic evolutionshigh price


Braking Point is back to give the game a story mode option.


Gameplay has been improved with more realistic unassisted traction.


Graphics remain beautiful, but without evolutions that would be welcome.


One of those responsible for the high immersion of this game, thanks to the good sound effects and the narration in PT-BR.


Immersion remains high and will gain longevity with the arrival of F1 World.

Total Grade

F1 23 certainly represents a step forward for the franchise, but there is still room for improvement going forward.

It is worth it?

The new EA Sports game will be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms – via the EA app, Steam or Epic Games Store – starting June 16th. It can be purchased for the suggested price starting at R$ 359.

If you are already used to the F1 22 and not missing a story mode, it might not be worth it for you to buy the latest one for quite some time. Already in older cases, the acquisition of the new title is almost a must, but it is worth waiting for the reduction of the launch value to something in the range of R$ 200.

What were your impressions of the new F1 23? Do you intend to upgrade your experience, or will you avoid the purchase and still stick with some older version? Join us!

*We would like to thank EA Sports, MileniumGroup, for providing an advance copy of the game to TechSmart for this analysis!

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