EZVIZ CP4, the digital peephole, with bell included, that sends alerts when someone is lurking around our door

I have been using the EZVIZ CP4 at home for a few weeks, a digital peephole that is made up of a camera, with visible and infrared light, and a digital viewfinder on the inside, all connected to an app from where I can see who is on the other side from my door remotely, with the option even to establish a video call with that person.

This is a great solution to increase safety and convenience as we can talk to a courier when we are on vacation, for example giving delivery instructions when no one is home.

The digital peephole, which can be found on amazon for 169 euros, is quite easy to use and install. I tell you about it in this video:

Advantages of the EZVIZ CP4

The product has convinced me, it is really useful and practical, and I leave you the reasons why I think so:

– It has a 4600mAh battery that allows you to forget about charging for several weeks, even months, depending on how you have configured the notification system. If I just put it on “activate when someone hangs around my door for 10 seconds”, it would probably make it to a year.
– The screen is good, 4.3 inches, in color, with an angle of 166 degrees, so that you can see practically the entire side, not just the front.
– The sensitivity, when put in high mode, reaches more than 10 meters. It’s useful for houses, maybe not so much for a portal, but it’s nice to know that it can get to that point.
– It is visible light mode and infrared mode can be activated automatically, so that the gadget changes it depending on the existing ambient light.
– It has a bell included, which can be illuminated or not, so that people use it instead of the traditional one. By using it, you can establish the video call with the mobile.
– The videos do not take up much, since it uses H 265 compression
– Allows you to record in the cloud with a subscription, or with a microSD card of up to 256 GB so you don’t have to pay anything extra.
– Video quality is very good.
– The configuration is extremely flexible, so that I can decide not to record anything and use it only as a digital peephole, or record only when someone is actually doing something at my door, thus forgetting the neighbors who are entering their respective doors.
– I can ask my Amazon Echo Show to show who is on the other side of my door, just say “Alexa, show door video”. Very practical when I’m cooking, with my hands in the dough.

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Things to improve on the EZVIZ CP4

Nothing is perfect, and this digital peephole is no exception. Here are the points where you could improve the theme:

– The price is somewhat high. 169 euros is a high price, although you have to keep in mind that it is the sum of a camera plus a viewfinder, not just the “security camera”.
– The installation manual is practically non-existent, so you have to follow your intuition. In the first part of the video you have the details precisely to cover that point.

It is a good option for houses or gatehouses that do not have a doorman, although it is not necessary where there are already several security systems throughout the building, since the neighbors you will see in the videos will be the usual neighbors, and may not like to be recorded every time they enter or leave the house.