EZVIZ C8C Lite, an outdoor security camera with 360 degree remote movement

We continue to test the best security cameras on the market, and now it is the turn of the last exterior of the EZVID brand, a camera with a lower price than others with similar characteristics, since it does not reach 70 euros.

There are some variables that we always analyze with the cameras we test, so I will describe each of them with this EZVIZ C8C Lite:

– Ease of installation. It was quick, since once the app was installed, and the camera was connected with a network cable and with a power cable, I only had to photograph the QR code of the camera itself. It didn’t work the first time, I had to insist three times by closing and opening the app again, but in less than five minutes I had it working.
– Yes it is Wifi or with network cable. Once the installation has been carried out with the network cable, it is no longer necessary to use it later, since during the installation process you have to inform the access data to the WiFi. Logically, if we manage to have a network cable, the quality of the live video will be better, but still a WiFi camera is essential when we talk about outdoor use.
– If you have cable power supply or has a battery and / or solar panels. The power cord, which comes in the box (not always), is required at all times. It does not have an internal battery nor is it compatible with solar panels, so it is necessary to have a plug near where we put the camera.
– If the app it is complete and with good usability. The application is simple, with everything you need to view the recorded videos and be able to see the video live. From there it is possible to include other cameras, change user settings and share the camera with other people (something that is much appreciated). It has PTZ control to move it 360 degrees, even the possibility of taking a 360 degree photo at any time.

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Here you have a video with the application working:


Another camera to test it and tell the experience

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– Vision nocturnal. Here it really attracts attention, because not only does it reach the usual 10 meters in this type of camera, it reaches 30 meters thanks to the infrared sensitivity. The quality of night visibility is similar to other cameras between 70 and 120 euros.

Quality Of video. It’s 1080p, sufficient for most needs for such a camera. Logically, it has automatic movement detection, and is capable of identifying silhouettes of people to avoid false positives (leaves that move and others).

– Ability to see multiple cameras of the same brand from the same panel. It may seem silly, but if we have several cameras in our house, we want to see all the content in a single panel, without having to open and close each one. In this case, it is possible to do so.
Storage local and in the cloud. It has space to hold videos on the memory card, but it is also possible to save them in the cloud if a storage plan is contracted. The advantage is obvious, if the thief takes the camera, he will not take the videos with him, although in most of the cases that I know of it is not necessary, since the camera is usually located in some place that is difficult to access and the notification movement is immediate.
Microphone. It can capture audio, although it does not have a speaker to transmit the voice and speak to a delivery person, for example.

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In addition to these functions, it is compatible with Alexa.

You can see more details on their page on amazon.