Extreme customization on WhatsApp: we test your new avatars

avatar whatsapp
extreme customization on whatsapp: we test your new avatars

The fashion of personalization with avatars is about to reach WhatsApp: soon we will be able to make our own and customize it almost to the extreme. In fact, the WhatsApp avatars are already inside the Android application, although hidden: we have been able to unlock them to access it. And it has its crumb.

It does not fail: it is enough for something to be released in a Meta application for it to end up reaching the tripod that supports the company: WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. It happened with the states, for example, short TikTok videos are also found on two of the three major platforms. And the avatars are not going to be less: after debuting on Facebook and Messenger, and reaching Instagram, the next one is WhatsApp. They are practically traced to each other, we have verified it.

Your WhatsApp profile with your own avatar

avatar whatsapp

The idea behind the feature is that anyone can put together their personal profile without having to upload their own photo. This not only paves the way for those who are embarrassed, it also allows give a unique touch to the profile picture. Everything from the perspective of each person, since the customization options offered by WhatsApp are vast.

Avatars are integrated into the WhatsApp application, but are not yet available for activation. We have reached them by browsing the hidden options thanks to root, it is not a recommended process. Although yes, we can confirm that these avatars are almost ready: their operation is as expected and there are no problems.

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WhatsApp, just as the Facebook and Instagram applications already do, enables the option of creating a profile image through a selection of features. Lots of features. so many, that it is very complicated that there are two identical WhatsApp avatarseven with millions of users using the platform.

avatar whatsapp

After opening the creation process from the profile options, the avatars offer the different customization elements so that anyone build the character in your image and likeness. Or as you see fit, that dreams are also lived.

Eye color, clothes, hair type…

avatar whatsapp

The process to create the avatar is not complicated since it is enough to follow the steps indicated by the application. You have to choose the clothes, hair style, physiognomy, attire… So until you complete the character. And once created WhatsApp saves it in the application to put it as a profile image.

The created avatar is saved in the WhatsApp application. With it you can customize the profile picture by choosing the character’s posture and background color

To personalize the profile, one of the different postures included in the avatar can be chosen; in addition to a halo of color with which to give it a unique touch. The logical thing would be that WhatsApp allowed video calls using the created avataralthough we could not verify it (yes there are signs that it will happen). We did test the creation and saving of the character in the WhatsApp profile.

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avatar whatsapp

WhatsApp allows you to edit the saved avatar at any time

It is nothing more than a curiosity, but it has its grace: the possibilities are wide. The creation of the avatar is integrated into WhatsApp, so there is no need to resort to external applications. And the results are nice (and quite similar to the iPhone Memojis), now all that remains is for all users to be definitively activated.