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Experimental YouTube features are now exclusive to Premium users

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Experimental YouTube <a class=features are now exclusive to premium users" src="https://voonze.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Experimental-YouTube-features-are-now-exclusive-to-Premium-users.jpg" >

Google has blocked access to the experimental functions of YouTube to anyone who does not have a paid subscription to the platform: From now on, only Premium users can try the news. These new features release functions for YouTube on mobiles and also on the web.

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A platform as gigantic as YouTube has countless open fronts when it comes to the user interface: Google constantly tests new options, both aesthetically and at the interface level. Until now, it allowed to test some in its experimental section, open to all users, a section that recently changed to reward only paid subscribers.

Videos on the cover, filtering, voice search …

Youtube Experiments YouTube Experiments Cover for Free Users

The experimental YouTube page is adding different options as a preview that can be tested in order not only to anticipate the majority of users, your test is also of great help to developers. That is why it is surprising that Google has decided to take the experiments only to Premium users, it is as if they had to pay double: with money for the subscription and with its use of experimental tools.

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Just go to the experimental options page to see that they can only be used by Premium users. These users can access the tools, currently three:

  • Display on the home screen‘. It is a way to play video and audio on YouTube cover found only for iOS devices.
  • Voice search on the web‘. The name says it all: those who activate this experimental feature will be able to access voice search within YouTube.
Youtube Experiments Triggering experiments on YouTube Premium accounts
  • Filter by subject in other languages‘. This option adds suggestions at the top of the cover to filter by different topics. It adapts to the language of the device and is suitable for both Android and iOS.
Youtube Experiments Appearance of the YouTube app after activating the filtering by subject: left, iPhone; right, Android
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To activate an experimental function, go to the respective YouTube page (only in desktop browsers) and click on the ‘Test’ button that each function has. Only one experimental function can be tested, so hOh, deactivate the one that is currently active in case you want to try another. They are valid for web and mobile, everything will depend on each function. And they have a time limit: Google assigns a trial period to each experiment; after which it disappears.

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