Ex-Samsung employee accused of leaking chip technology to China

Ex-Samsung employee accused of leaking chip technology to China
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A former Samsung employee is being accused by the South Korean government of leaking confidential company information to China. According to information from Seoul authorities, after passing this data on to the Chinese, he started trying to build his own chip factory in the country.

The process is running in secrecy of justice and therefore the name of the former employee was not revealed, but the South Korean prosecutors decided to report the entire scheme to the media.

This man worked as a vice president at SK Hynix before being hired by the Korean competitor. However, it was at Samsung that he gained access to a series of confidential information and trade secrets about making next-generation chips.

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After passing on much of this information to China, the former Samsung employee tried to open his own chip factory in the city of Xian between 2018 and 2019.

The most curious point is that the accused’s factory was only 1.5 km away from Samsung’s chip assembly line in China.

Despite the attempt, the former employee was unable to open his own factory due to lack of funding for the construction and purchase of equipment. Anyway, this leak caused a loss of approximately $ 23 million for Samsung.

For now, the case has not yet been heard by the court in Seoul.

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