Everything you can expect from the October Mac event …


Yes the event “California Streaming” This week It didn’t blow your mind, maybe an Apple event in October focused on teams Mac Do it. Expectations are high: we could see the debut of up to four different models, all powered by a new M-series processor from Manzana.

Here are the computers that the leaks and rumors say are coming. But we might again be surprised.

Enter the Apple M1X processor

Moving Apple computers away from Intel processors is an ongoing process, and the first Macs with technology M1 landed in November of last year. The next step involves Apple’s second-generation chip. It is supposedly an improved version of the original, probably called M1X.

The 10-core processor will include eight high-performance and two low-power cores, according to some published reports. For comparison, the M1 original features four high-performance cores and four low-power cores. The M1X it will supposedly have 16 or 32 graphics cores, depending on the configuration. That’s more than eight graphics cores on the M1.

The Mac M1 they all impressed with its combination of power and efficiency. These improvements should bring with them considerable performance gains for regular and graphics-intensive tasks. And that could benefit all Macs at Apple’s October event.

Redesigned 16-inch and 14-inch MacBook Pro

Even if they didn’t come with a faster processor, there is still a lot of anticipation for a new round of macOS laptops, as they are supposedly getting major redesigns. That includes the return of a built-in SD card reader and an HDMI port, and a MagSafe charger, egero without LED touch bar. Also, these could be the first Macs with mini-LED displays.

Apple supposedly plans two sizes of professional laptops. One will replace the current 16-inch MacBook Pro, while the other will be the first 14-inch MacBook Pro. Supposedly, size will be the only significant difference between these two.

Various rumors say that both versions will arrive this fall. Maybe at the Apple event in October?

A bigger iMac

In early 2021, Apple replaced the 21-inch iMac with a super slim 24 inch version built around the M1 processor. This device may get an update to the M1X.

But the 27-inch iMac it is one of the few products left in Apple’s line with an Intel chip. A replacement is rumored, with a M1X and a bigger screen. That said, how much bigger is unknown; it could be 30 inches or 32 inches. Whatever the size, it’s likely to borrow a lot from the 24-inch iMac, like a slim design and magnetic power cord.

Mac mini speed bump

If Apple introduces a new chip, it only makes sense to put it in the Mac mini. Remember that Mac mini 2020 it was one of the first with an M1 chip.

And that’s not all: there are rumors that there will be a redesign that could reduce the device even more. But reportedly the M1X Mac mini you will find space for him dual Thunderbolt ports and a magnetic power cord accessory such as the 24-inch iMac.

Sources point to a launch before the end of 2021. So… If it will be in October?

AirPods 3

Obviously, AirPods aren’t Macs. But Apple supposedly has a new version ready to go and these could also be on the docket for Apple’s October event.

It is expected that AirPods 3 be a mix of AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro, with shorter stems, but no silicone tips and no active noise cancellation. Alternatively, Apple could simply announce its updated AirPods via a press release sometime this fall.

An Apple event in October? Or maybe in November.

Keep in mind that almost all the leaks and rumors about these new devices come with vague weather predictions. They are generally targeting releases this fall or before the end of 2021. This means there could be a big Apple event in October to introduce them, but it could happen later.

Remember, MacBooks and Mac mini with M1 technology were unveiled during an event in November 2021. History could repeat itself.