Everything is known about the Samsung Galaxy A54, including the price it will have in Spain

Everything is known about the Samsung Galaxy A54, including the price it will have in Spain

There isn’t much left for him to Samsung Galaxy A54 be official, since the Korean company is scheduled to launch on March 16, 2023. But today, what it will offer has been known in a fairly precise way and if this will allow it to compete with the Xiaomi 13 Lite. we show you everything you should know about this smartphoneincluding the price it will have in Spain.

The data comes from a message where both characteristics obtained in a well-known electronics store worldwide have been published, including the pictures of your design. Come on, a full-fledged leak where it is very clear that aesthetically this will be a model quite similar to the Galaxy S23 that became official not long ago and that, as was supposed to, has managed to reduce the bezels to a minimum.

Since we are talking about the screen, it will have 6.4 inches and will be AMOLED, which ensures good image quality where its resolution of 2,340 x 1,080 pixels will help. With a frequency of 120hzwhich will make it surpass Google’s Pixel 7a, another good news is that this device will have Gorilla Glass protection and compatibility with the IP67 standardso water will not be a problem.

Front of the Samsung Galaxy A54
Roland Quadrant

A very complete hardware in this Samsung

Among all the components that have been known to have the Galaxy A54, it should be noted that the processor will be a SoC of its own design and manufacture, such as the Exynos 1380, which has eight cores inside (therefore, Qualcomm or MediaTek will not be bet on in this case). Besides, the RAM it will be of 8 or 6GB so you will not have problems with the applications, since you will be able to with all the current ones with a very important solvency.

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Something where there is a small disappointment is in the integrated battery. HE I expected it to be 5,100mAhto be differential compared to the rest of the mid-range terminals, but finally it points to one hundred milliamps less -so it will maintain what is currently common in the market. On the other hand, the storage of this Samsung will start at 128GB, with the possibility of choosing twice as much if necessary.

Side of Samsung Galaxy A54 phone
Roland Quadrant

A price that keeps it at the level of the rest

Without missing everything that is necessary to be a good purchase option today, such as a tri-sensor camera (50 + 12 + 5MP with optical stabilization and option to record at 4K), according to the data that has been known, the price that will have to be paid to buy the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G will be 499 euros. And this is what it seems that it will cost in Spain. Therefore, it is not bad, but it is not exactly groundbreaking. It is placed at the level of the Xiaomi 13 Lite, but without surpassing it… at least this is the initial impression.