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Every time you refresh this page, a different house generated by Artificial Intelligence will appear

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Surely all of you will remember a website in which human faces created by an AI appear, a website in which we only have to update the page to show a new face of a person that does not exist, invented by a machine.

The famous page was so successful that clones began to be born, such as “this cat does not exist”, without going any further.

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Now another is born, but in this case they are not faces or animals, they are houses, random houses, false, they do not exist, but that does not stop them from being attractive.

Available at thishousedoesnotexist.org, the operation is similar. You enter, you see a photo, you update, you see another… like this ad infinitum, without repeating what you see, showing interior environments created thanks to the “imagination” of a machine that has been trained with millions of photos of environments and houses.

The creator He has already done another AI project before, one that generated random ideas, on ideasai.com, but in this case he wanted to give the theme more personality by entering the graphic world.

The generated houses can be voted on, and at the bottom you will find a link with the most voted houses of all, to show the world how the AI ​​is capable of being an architect in its spare time. This function makes it clear that there is a possibility that the same house is shown to different people, so it is not all 100% random.

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The images can be used to illustrate articles, or to edit the next photo of an Instagram profile that wants to show off going from house to house, I doubt that the AI ​​will complain about copyright infringement (for now).

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