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Europe will have a new law so that we all have 1 gig of speed

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It is clear that fiber is the internet connection of the present. However, it will also be for the future. For this reason, the main objective of the European Union is to ensure that higher connection speeds reach users. And, above all, that it reaches all corners of Europe. Why? To make Europe the most connected continent by 2030.

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Hence, the EU wants to speed up the deployment of the fiber optic network across the continent. To this end, the so-called Gigabit Infrastructure Law will be announced on February 10, which the European Commission wants to implement in order to further promote this type of connection. But, keeping in mind at all times two key points: 1 gig fiber and 5G.

1 Gbps fiber access

The European Commission will announce, or at least it is expected, on February 10 the Gigabit Infrastructure Law. What is intended with this new law? Expand 1 Gbps fiber network and the 5G. To achieve this there is another series of key aspects, the bureaucracy that all this entails and, above all, the investment that it implies for the operators.

The idea of ​​the EU executive is that all Europeans have access to giga connection and that at least 75% of companies in the European Union use cloud infrastructure or AI technology by 2030. Therefore, believe that it is important to reduce the bureaucratic procedures that must be carried out and reduce costs to help the different telephone companies in Europe such as Telefónica, Telekom or Orange to deploy their fiber optic network more quickly.

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OMV fiber 1 gbps

And, as we have been seeing, in this next law of the European executive they do not forget to 5G networks. And it is that, under no circumstances, do they want the deployment of this fifth generation mobile network in European countries to slow down.

The expansion of fiber across Europe

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In addition to all of the above, you also want a greater homogeneity when talking about fiber speed depending on the area in which you reside. And avoid the imbalances that can be generated between users who do not have the same resources to access the highest speed fiber.

In this way, if this new average that the European Commission wants to present is approved, the cost savings for operators in Europe could be about 40 million eurosonly in the whole issue of administrative costs that the expansion of the fiber network can entail.

Therefore, the idea of ​​the EU with this series of changes is «make the rules and procedures are clearer, more agile and simpler«. And with that, it will be allowed”that the parties easily understand their rights and obligations and seek to promote synergies«. Therefore, in this way, the expansion of fiber throughout Europe will be a more agile process. It is not wrong to remember that SpainIn that sense, it is well positioned. Basically, because it is placed at the top of the list of countries with increased fiber deployment.

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