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eufy Security, a new era of smart home security

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eufy Securitythe brand of smart security products from Anker Innovations, today globally introduced the smartest home security system on the market: eufy Edge Security System. And next to it the eufyCam 3, a new generation of wireless cameras premium for outdoors.

This security system is led by the new hub HomeBase 3, leveraging BionicMind self-learning AI technologyTM eufy Security AI. With use, it is capable of achieving 99% accuracy by identifying different people through facial recognition, as well as animals and objects. Recorded video is then automatically cataloged and saved to HomeBase 3’s encrypted local storage, with no additional cost or recurring fees. All data is accessible at any time and place through the apps by eufy Security.

“When we launched the first eufyCam in 2018, which included free and encrypted local storage, we made a commitment to protect our consumers’ homes as well as their privacy,” said Frank Zhu, General Manager of eufy Security. “Most of today’s security systems rely on video recordings that start when motion is detected, creating a constant stream of false alerts and notifications and a huge amount of unnecessary video data. In our new Edge Security System we have resolved both issues while maintaining our commitment to privacy and not charging a recurring payment for storing and accessing data.”

Intelligently and accurately monitored at all times

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At the brain of the new Edge Security System, HomeBase 3 works with the technology of machine learningBionicMindTM eufy AI to recognize familiar faces, human silhouettes, natural body positions and human behaviors, and separate them from movement that may be generated by pets or objects. BiomicMind facial recognitionTM AI also allows you to automatically capture and classify videos of family, friends or frequent visitors, assigning names and relationships and personalizing notifications – or to quickly identify and alert the user if a stranger is found near the property.

Every time someone passes a camera’s angle of view, images of their face, body and movement are sent to the HomeBase 3 wirelessly for analysis. For more information, receive the hub the higher its precision, being able to reach up to 99%. HomeBase 3 uses its computational technology to analyze the video on the device itself, without sending it to any server or the cloud, and emits a notification in the apps eufy Security as well as saving the video to your storage if required. This creates a more efficient user experience while being able to control who can access the video clips at all times.

An expandable security system

The new HomeBase 3 includes 16GB of storage encrypted with 256-bit encryption, with no recurring payments ready out of the box. This space is expandable with a hard drive with up to 16TB of additional memory to save up to 60 years of videos in local format without the need to delete old recordings.

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At launch, the Edge Security System will support new cameras eufyCam 3 and eufyCam 3C arriving at the same time and through a firmware update, previous models of eufyCam or Video Doorbell will be able to connect to the HomeBase 3 and take full advantage of BionicMindTM AI. As many cameras as needed can be connected at different times, allowing the user to expand their security system based on new needs.

eufyCam 3: the most advanced security camera of the moment

eufy’s next generation of outdoor security cameras are designed to take full advantage of the HomeBase 3’s storage and analytics power.

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eufyCam 3, the latest release, becomes eufy’s most advanced security camera with video recording in Ultra HD 4K resolution, color and infrared night vision, LED spotlight, two-way audio and a battery life of up to 1 year It recharges with the integrated solar panel. eufyCam 3C is a more compact version that does not include solar charging. Both include resistance to external temperatures and to water and dust with IP67 certification.

eufy Edge Security System can be purchased in Spain from today in a kit that includes HomeBase 3 and two eufyCam 3 cameras for €549 through

The kit with two eufyCam 3C cameras will cost €519.99.

An additional eufyCam 3 camera to add to the system will be available for €199.99.

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