Estudio CIO 2023, participates in the study on digital transformation in Spain

img mcpro cio 2023 1 1000x600.jpg
img mcpro cio 2023 1 1000x600.jpg

During the last two years, the digitization of Spanish companies has experienced a significant acceleration. If you are a CIO, CTO or responsible for digital transformation processes in your company, it is likely that you have led or participated in various digitalization initiatives. However, how has your organization actually adapted to new challenges, including the pandemic, inflation, or problems stemming from the war in Ukraine?

To address these issues, from MCPRO we encourage you to join the “CIO Study 2023”whose main objective is to analyze the level of digitization achieved by companies in the last year, and how they have faced these challenges.

Participation in the study is simple and fast. You will have to answer some questions about how your company has approached digitization, the benefits obtained, the obstacles encountered and how you have overcome them. You will also be asked how digitization has helped your company to face the challenges that have arisen with the pandemic, such as teleworking and adapting to new business models.

In addition to contributing to offering a perspective on the current situation of digitization in companies in our country, the participants who complete the study will receive an exclusive report with the resultswhich will be included in the Digital Transformation Guide (you can download the 2022 edition here), allowing you to compare your experience with that of other companies.

In summary, if you have led or participated in the digitization of your company in the last year, we invite you to share part of your time with us and offer us a valuable opinion that will help us better understand the progress of digitization in companies in our country in the last year. You can participate by clicking on this button.

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