New technologies are changing the way of dealing with the different development plans of companies. Technical advances drive adaptations and the creation of new businesses, affecting sectors as disparate as the rental of lifting platforms, intended to provide services to other companies with businesses in warehouses or aimed at workers in the construction sector.

This revolution in rental of lifting platforms it has its way of being in Equipzilla, a Spanish company specialized in the management of machinery rental exclusively online, a situation never seen before in this sector. Equipzilla’s contribution is not focused solely on including all renters in one place, but on facilitating the entire process involved in renting heavy machinery, including reviewing offers, document management or contact between suppliers. With this innovative online bet, forget about asking renters for quotes one by one. And this means saving time, costs and management problems.

Carrying out any machinery rental online, through this platform, is very simple. It is a very intuitive process. Obviously, a record must be completed as a preliminary step to the management of requests and estimates for the rental of lifting platforms or scissor lift rental (on the rise in this sector), and, finally, as in any other sector, choose the business plan that most interests each company.

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This business idea developed by Equipzilla is being very well received by all the companies in a sector that has just begun to take its first big steps in terms of digital transformation.

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Source: Equipzilla

Benefits of going digital

Those people, or companies and SMEs, who are not very familiar with these advances that all digitization entails should consider the important benefits of managing a machinery rental online. aim! We will start with an economic factor. Renting a forklift is always cheaper in any project.

We save the costs of maintenance or a decrease in the use that we must have of these lifting platforms depending on the pace of business. Likewise, and this will be understood by people in the sector, we are talking about a type of machinery whose purchase costs are high.

Budget issues aside, renting also helps us adjust to the type of machinery we want. For example, if the warehouse is changed, we can always choose a smaller or larger machinery depending on the dimensions of the warehouse space, with which we will never be left unused. Another advantage is always having access to the latest models on the market, which allows us to evolve in our business, since we will have more possibilities to expand our services.

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Finally, depending on the needs of our activity, we can look for companies that offer us not only the rental and maintenance of machinery, but also other services such as training in the use of these forklifts or even the possibility of having an operator specialized in handling of these machines.