Enjoy television, and your favorite content, with AVM FRITZ!

disfruta de tus contenidos favoritos con los dispositivos avm fritz 1 1000x600.jpg
disfruta de tus contenidos favoritos con los dispositivos avm fritz 1 1000x600.jpg

Those of you who read us daily are aware of the potential, and the value, which offer AVM FRITZ! both for its characteristics at the hardware level and for its careful software ecosystem. In this sense, it plays a fundamental role FRITZ! OS, a Linux-based operating system that is the basis of the German company’s devices, including from its routers to its repeaters and PLC devices.

With the release of each new version of FRITZ! OS, AVM solutions have been improving both in terms of safety and performance, as well as performance. This has a considerable impact both on the user experience, which improves over time instead of decaying, something unusual when we talk about aging technological devices, and on the useful life of these devices, which means that we can take advantage of them. for longer.

Therefore, AVM FRITZ! They have become an excellent option to create a high-performance network with which to enjoy, effortlessly and safely, our favorite multimedia contents in streaming, and from any device. Now, with the next start of the 2021 Eurocup, enjoy our favorite gamess from any corner of the home will be one of the great goals of lovers of the beautiful game, but are you sure how you can optimize your local network to achieve the best possible result and not miss anything? Well, keep reading, we are going to give you four keys.

Enjoy the Soccer Eurocup 2021 with AVM FRITZ solutions!

1.-Live television with your FRITZ! Box

Watch TV on your laptop, tablet or smartphone it is simple and comfortable if you have a FRITZ! Box router. If you use an ADSL or fiber optic connection and you are a client of an IPTV service (such as Movistar + or GigaTV), you can distribute your television signal over your local network with the function “Live TV” from the FRITZ! Box.

Cable television users will also be able to send the television signal to different devices. For example, the FRITZ! Box 6591 Cable or the FRITZ! Box 6660 Cable have built-in TV tuners that allow you to watch TV through DVB-C with the best quality on several devices at the same time.

Link to this service: Handbook (in German, you can watch it in Spanish with your browser’s translator) from Live TV on the FRITZ! Box 7590, Handbook (in English, you can view it in Spanish with your browser’s translator) to configure television reception via DVB-C with the FRITZ! Box 6591.

AVM FRITZ devices!

2.-Priority in the home network

As of version 7.25, FRITZ! OS offers an easy way to enter a prioritization rule in the local Wi-Fi network. Prioritization ensures that AVM FRITZ! marked as “priority” receive the data packets first, leaving the rest in the background.

This prevents non-priority devices consume all bandwidth, and prevents broadcasting, television or video conferencing from causing problems. It does not matter if we have a lot of activity on the local network, with this function we will enjoy our favorite contents without interruptions. You can find more information here.

3.-Share multimedia files with all members of the local network

The FRITZ! Box media server allows you to play music and videos, as well as view images on devices on the local network from the FRITZ! Box. The functions of the media server can be activated instantly via the FRITZ! Box’s user interface, and all users can share their files with each other.

If you need more information, follow this link.

4.-Always in tune with Wi-Fi Mesh

By combining multiple AVM FRITZ! Solutions such as FRITZ! Box and FRITZ! Powerline, it is possible to create a common Wi-Fi Mesh network, In a simple way and without having to deal with complex configurations, adjustments or maintenance.

Once connected to the Wi-Fi network, you can access the same network both from the FRITZ! Box in the living room and from the FRITZ! Powerline in the basement. The FRITZ! Box takes over with Wi-Fi Mesh Steering technology, ensuring that all devices always receive the best connection. This is always set over the correct frequency band, i.e. 2.4 or 5 GHz.

With the FRITZ! App WLAN we can also evaluate the quality of the connection at any point in the home network with the function to measure the Wi-Fi network, and thus find the optimal location for our Wi-Fi Mesh devices. We can find more information here.