Engineer talks about incompatibility of AirPods Pro with Apple Music Lossless

Engineer talks about incompatibility of AirPods Pro with Apple Music Lossless

An Apple engineer explained why the new line of AirPods Pro, launched in September this year, is not compatible with Apple Music Lossless audio, announced by the company in May last year for Apple Music subscribers. to use the 24-bit lossless streaming function up to 48KHz and high resolution lossless streaming up to 192KHzthe device must have external equipment such as a USB DAC (digital-to-analog converter).

Apple had already indirectly revealed that it could develop its own codec and connectivity standard that is based on AirPlay and supports high-quality audio streaming, but no news in this regard has been announced so far.

In an interview with What Hi-Fi?, Apple engineer Esge Andersen, who works on the company’s acoustic team, said that the current Bluetooth technology, despite the incompatibility with the streaming feature, is not a limiting factor for sound quality. headphones, the best launched so far by the company (which has been manufacturing AirPods since 2016), according to some experts.

He states that “It’s important to understand that we can still make huge strides without changing the codec. And the codec choice that we have today is more about reliability. So it’s about doing something robust in all environments.” In this way, he believes that it is possible to improve the sound quality without having to reconfigure the current codec.

The engineer highlights the active noise cancellation in the second generation of AirPods Pro, which is twice as good as its predecessor.

Have you also noticed improvements in the sound quality of the second generation AirPods Pro? Leave your comment!

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