End of an era: Zippyshare announces its closure at the end of the month


Zippyshare, one of the oldest file hosting services still around the web, has announced that it will close its doors soon.

The cessation of the activity of this platform is scheduled for the end of the month, so its users still have time to rescue their files hosted on Zippyshare, before losing them permanently.

The reasons behind the closure of Zippyshare

According to the statement issued by Zippyshare, there are several reasons that have led to the decision to close the platform. First, the ad-based business model that they have been using since their founding in 2006 is no longer sustainable. Competition in the file storage services market has increased significantly, offering better performance and features that Zippyshare claims it can’t match.

Another major reason that has affected the viability of the platform is ad blockers. Although many users use these blockers to avoid invasive advertising, this means that Zippyshare loses control over the advertising it displays on its site, reducing its ability to earn revenue and maintain the service.

Finally, the increase in the price of electricity has had a significant impact on Zippyshare’s operating costs. With a large number of servers needing constant power, electricity costs have increased by 250% in the last year, making it increasingly difficult to maintain service.

zippyshare closure

This is what the notice that Zippyshare is showing its users looks like

It is still possible to rescue a backup of the files stored in Zippyshare

If you are a Zippyshare user and have files hosted on the platform, it is essential that you make a backup before the platform closes for good. Fortunately, Zippyshare has announced that the site will continue to function without changes until the end of this month, giving you a reasonable amount of time to protect the information you want to salvage.

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To back up your files, you just need to log in to your Zippyshare account and download all the files you want to keep.

Zippyshare’s closure is yet another example of the intense competition in the file hosting services market and the challenges facing ad-supported websites. Although it is sad to see such an old platform disappear, it is important to remember that the web is a constantly evolving space, where we can always expect new services and tools available to meet our needs.