Elon Musk proposes to monetize viral tweets or with relevant information

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There is no doubt that this week will mark a before and after in the social media segment as it was the week in which Elon Musk finally managed to acquire Twitter for a total value of 44 billion dollars.

The operation is underway, following the process to completion. It will be after its closure when Elon Musk gets the reins of the platform that will allow him to carry out the changes to turn it into a profitable social network.

Heading towards the economic profitability of Twitter

In this regard, Reuters has been able to learn from close sources, who have asked to remain anonymous, that Musk has convinced the banks that have granted them the loan, arguing that It will try to increase income, among other aspects, with the monetization of tweets that contain important information or go viral.

For it raised charging a fee when a third-party website wants to cite or embed the tweet with important information or has gone viral in its content, as long as it belongs to a verified person or organization.

This is in addition to the intentions recently shared by Musk in which he pointed to the intention to reduce the price of the subscription of Twitter Bluealso prohibiting advertising on it, and facilitating payments through the use of the dogecoin cryptocurrency.

In another tweet, which Musk himself deleted shortly after, also aimed at reducing reliance on advertising.

Advertising is currently the company’s largest source of revenue. On the other hand, Bloomberg News reported this past Thursday of Musk’s intention to reduce labor costs through job cuts, although the most concrete decision will be made once he takes the reins of the company, which will also be when he shares his business plans. in more detail.

Musk has taken out a $13 billion loan on Twitter and a $12.5 billion margin loan tied to his shares in Tesla Inc. The rest he paid for with his own cash.

According to sources, the arguments put forward to the banks have been scant in detail, missing aspects such as the company’s financial status or the number of employees, so the direction Twitter will take in practice will be seen once Musk starts. to control it, for which he also has in mind who will be the new executive director to replace Parag Agrawal.

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