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Elon Musk definitely buys Twitter, what to expect now from the social network

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For better or worse, the Elon musk buyout soap opera is over. The South African tycoon has paid 44 billion dollars to take over the well-known social network and, according to himself, a new era is coming, since “the bird has been released”. The truth is that there is a lot of news about it, and many of them will be shocking. There was a time when it seemed that the acquisition was not going to be completed and, even, that everything would end in a long and tedious litigation. But, finally, the owner of Tesla, SpaceX and Starlink has decided not to beat around the bush any more and complete the purchase. Now, he is the big boss of this gigantic company and therefore everything that happens will totally depend on what he decides. Either for better or for worse. He is to see. The first decisions of Elon Musk are quite a warning The billionaire has not beat around the bush, since among the first decisions (beyond reviewing the decoration of his new office), it has been of an important depth: he has charged four of the company’s top managers. Among them, the one who was CEO to date and, also, the financial manager (Parag Agarwal and Ned Segal, respectively). Therefore, Musk makes it clear that his idea is to cut to the chase from minute one. And this is quite a declaration of intent for Twitter workers. Consequently, it is clear that many things are going to change in the social network. And not only in what has to do with the contents. Everything indicates that the idea is to expand the options offered by the service to become an “all in one” from which users do not have the need to go elsewhere. It sounds fantastic, certainly, and there are precedents like WeChat in China… But of course, we are in the West and things are very different. The future of Twitter… only Musk knows. Well, if we look at the different statements made by the now owner of the social network, one of the things he wants is for there to be fewer restrictions on freedom of expression. In this way, it is easy to think that the moderation will be less… which can be a very positive thing or, perhaps, a long-term problem. We must not forget that Musk indicated that he would remove the permanent use ban that Donald Trump has, to give an example. Create a nest of trolls? Well, this is the risk, without a doubt. If this is so, Twitter can become a simply infumable place where it will not be worth spending five minutes. But, yes, we have to wait to see how the company manages this because, as with Musk’s projects, they often surprise locals and strangers and end up being very beneficial. Grow, another key With the clear idea of ​​creating the X application (that application for everything that we talked about before), another of the things that Musk has in mind now that he is in charge of Twitter is to achieve stable growth . An example is that the new owner said that the idea is to reach annual revenues of 26.4 billion in 2028 (be careful with the dates, it is usual that with Tesla and SpaceX these are almost never met). The fact is that we are talking about a very important improvement, since in 2021 Twitter got 5 million. To achieve this, you will have to improve in many sections, especially in the users. Will he get all this? It’s complicated, and a great challenge, but good old Elon has fought in worse places. Therefore, absolutely nothing should be ruled out. >

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