Elon Musk could create “Alternative Phone” that competes with iPhone after possible veto.


Elon Musk could create a competitor to the iPhone, if Apple and Google kick Twitter out of their online stores, South Africa has announced it will develop its own “Teaphone Alternative for iPhone and Android devices.

Musk has taken controversial steps since signing the purchase agreement for Twitterwhich has led some advertisers to view the platform as a high-risk advertising venue.

He recently announced his intention to apply a massive amnesty to accounts suspended after receiving the results of a survey conducted by Twitter. He conducted a similar survey among his followers before confirming that the platform would reinstate the former president. donald trump.

If Apple removes Twitter from the App Store or Google does the same with the Play Store, Musk isn’t worried. Instead, he says that he will act as Bender from Futurama and develop his own smartphone.

It is possible that theabsolutist freedom of expression” of Musk leads Twitter to violate the guidelines of their respective app marketplaces. This chaotic platform management strategy has led some to wonder if Apple or Google will remove Twitter from their respective app marketplaces.

The discord tweets by the “Alternative telephone”.

Yoel Rothformer head of trust and security at Twitter, wrote in the New York Times that the platform’s new content policies could violate Google and Apple’s policies, which he said would be “catastrophic“, and warned that Twitter could be removed from those app stores.

There is no indication that the mobile phone giants have considered that possibility. However, the businessman launched the idea on Friday after the commentator Liz Wheeler said Musk could make a smartphone if Apple and Google remove Twitter from their stores.

In this tweet, to which Musk responded in the affirmative, saying that he would develop a phone, the American commentator and writer said that:

If Apple and Google remove Twitter from their app stores, @elonmusk should produce his own smartphone. half the country (USA) would like to get rid of the obsessive and intrusive iPhone and Android. This man (Elon Musk) is building rockets to Mars, so a stupid smartphone shouldn’t be a problem, right?.

Elon Musk responded to wheeler that he hoped Twitter wouldn’t be removed from app stores, though he would create his own phone if there was no alternative. He said in a message that he hoped it wouldn’t come to that, but yes, if there is no other option, I will make an alternative phone.

It is not the first time that the billionaire has spoken negatively of companies, having previously complained about their high commissions.

Old rumors of a possible phone.

A “Tesla Pi phone It’s long been a vague and unfounded rumor, but it looks like Musk’s acquisition of Twitter is finally pushing the founder to develop a mobile device.

Given the extensive resources and teams of employees at his disposal, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that Musk would be able to develop a product that rivals the iPhone and popular Android devices.

Tesla has its own chip technology, a software stack with games and apps, and more than a million customers using a Linux tablet operating system with a very modern user interface.

What has been said so far about the “Alternative Telephone”.

Although this is an important service, it is still possible for Apple to access the application through the App Store, since it is subject to the same App Store policies as the rest. Among them are rules that enforce a certain level of content moderation on social apps, as Apple has done in the past.

However, if Apple and Google take simultaneous and decisive action against Twitter as a platform, the social media giant could still release an APK that users can download outside of the Google Play Store on Android.

In addition, it is not that Twitter cannot be accessed through the phone’s browser, and it is not that a native app is not necessary to access it. Twitter.

This year 2022, in short, has been full of surprises, of stock market consequences, of a complex and unpredictable world that touches the offices of the colossal technology industry.

The owner of the Tesla car brand and rocket company SpaceX A few days ago, several layoffs were made among the employees of the Twitter network.

Elon Musk he causes controversy every time he makes a move and keeps him in the eye of the storm for his radical actions. We are patiently waiting for more information about it.